• Spring-mounted, high-speed (G-factor 400)
  • The top of the stainless steel panel, front and side panels painted in gray
  • The inner and outer stainless steel drums
  • Easy to operate microprocessor Xcontrol
  • Patented soap hopper
  • Valve of high power water supply (FX280)
  • Large drain valve (Ø 76mm)
  • Easy access to all important parts of the machine from the front panel
  • The door of a large diameter for easy loading and unloading
  • Freely programmable microprocessor XControl Plus
  • Coin operated (central payment system)
  • USB connector on the rear panel
  • The front panel is made ​​of stainless steel
  • EasySoap – preparation for the connection of liquid soap
  • Pumps Liquid soap
  • Kit for water reuse
  • The version with steam heating
  • Valve of high power water supply (FX180, FX240)