• The minimum amount of the laundry received in the washing – not less than 50 kg.
    If the weight of the laundry is less – the total cost of washing is rounded up to the value of 50 kg of laundry washing.
  • The final weight of checked – in washing clothes is determined by the operator on site laundry facilities complex at the Menorah Center, while the laundry must be absolutely dry.
  • To avoid damage and color clothes, colors and whites, taken separately.
  • When collecting clothes officer laundry complex in the presence of the customer conducts an inventory received in washing clothes.
  • If any employee of laundry complex stubborn stains, laundry unit officer informs the client the opportunity to further their elimination and consequences.
  • Dilapidated linen and underwear, with mechanical damage, as well as not having the information tabs (except of hotel, restaurant linen and terry) – not accepted.
  • If you have a non-removable fittings on the product, the customer must notify the employee of the laundry unit if any.
  • Claims for shortages or substitution of linen will only be accepted when issuing and checking of clean laundry according to the inventory.