Laundry agents

Laundry is done with the use of products from the company Ecolab – the world leader in the production and sale of high-quality systems and facilities for laundry. Ecolab company was founded in 1923 and, in principle, its work is always taking care of the health, cleanliness, ecology, safety of the environment, protection of vital resources. Applications the company’s products are very diverse: from personal hygiene products to industrial systems, disinfection and treatment.

Ecolab products have special structure and is available in a concentrated form. When using cleaning agents used special firmware to regulate the dosage. Ecolab facilities meet the quality standards of ISO 9001 and EN 14001 to 46001 for medical materials.

Turbo Plus – concentrated washing power booster for use in soft water

  • Provides effective removal of oil, grease and general dirt from all types of fabric
  • Protects against graying
  • Effective washing efficiency at 20 – 90°C
  • Without smell
  • An excellent effect is achieved in combination with Turbo break and Conditioner Forte
    (for tap water)

Turbo Break – concentrated alkaline washing detergent

  • Carefully bleaches
  • It has high stability
  • Effective removal of grease, oil and other contaminants
  • Washing efficiency at 40 – 90°С

Oxybrite Perfect – low-temperature oxygen bleach

  • Effectively bleaches textiles at low temperatures from 40°С
  • Effectively removes stains
  • It allows you to keep the original color of textiles

Softenit Perfect – concentrated liquid conditioner with neutralizing components

  • Textiles become softer and acquire a pleasant smell
  • It removes static electricity
  • It has a neutralizing effect